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Choice between and apple (good figure) or chocolate (fat figure)Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same weight, a well-balanced diet is essential to help maintain healthy living. Good nutrition will help you reduce the risk of developing any number of conditions, from diabetes to heart disease and infertility to osteoporosis.

The food we eat is used to provide energy for every function in the body, from walking and talking to digesting and breathing, and it is really important therefore to understand your daily intake of calories and the energy you expend to strike the right balance. I will help explain the different food groups and what they provide in terms of calories.

I advocate a low-GL eating plan, which is a way of eating that not only helps with weight loss, but will also increase energy, improve sleep, motivation and much more. By keeping blood sugar levels steady during the day, I can help you eliminate the energy slumps that see you often reaching for the caffeine or sugary snacks.

To find about more about a healthy diet in combination with fitness, please call me or fill out the contact form on the ‘contact page’, and I will be in touch.