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Prenatal Fitness and Exercise

Pregnant woman joggingCongratulations, pregnancy is an amazing time for any woman, but it has a huge impact on your body both emotionally and physically.

Research and statistics show that women who exercise during pregnancy avoid unnecessary health risks to themselves and their unborn babies, and experience less labour pain because exercise has strengthened their muscles. They also have lower fat content and, more importantly, achieve a faster recovery following the birth of their baby. I?ve worked with pregnant women who also believe that regular exercise during pregnancy helped them with muscular tension, aches and pains, posture and circulation.

If you?ve always engaged in exercise, then fitness during pregnancy shouldn?t be an issue for you, but I can help advise you how to exercise safely, and meet with you on a regular basis to re-evaluate your exercise routine as your body changes shape. This is extremely important, not only for your own well-being but also for your self-esteem ? it can often be frustrating during the latter stages of pregnancy to not achieve certain exercises that you once found easy. I will help you to continue to feel motivated and satisfied with your achievements.

Pres natal exerciseIf you?ve not exercised before but want to start looking at your health and fitness regime, then I can help support and advise you too. I always recommend that you speak to your doctor first to ensure there are no health issues surrounding your pregnancy, such as asthma, known cardio or heart problems, a history of miscarriage or other known complications.

Every programme I create is designed to help you keep in shape, and thus will change throughout your pregnancy to adapt to the changes in your body. I can also help advise you on what you eat to ensure you are getting a good nutritional balance for both you and your baby, without eating for two!